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Why  Choose us as your Travel Agency?

We offer and guarantee the best prices


You can pay in months without interest.

100% safe purchase, we have a security certificate.

Our mission is to offer you the best prices and the best experience on your vacation.

We are a Travel Agency Certified by the Secretary of Tourism.

We are constantly training and updating the best tourist destinations and  fashion to offer you alternatives for your vacations.



1.- Excellence: in dealing with the client and in the execution of the work, always give more than expected.

2.- Opportunity: Act promptly and with initiative, dedication and passion when providing a service.

3.- Honesty: Act honestly always focused on the client and the company.

4.- Respect: Promote harmony and warmth between people, taking into account human diversity.

5.- Responsibility: Fully comply with the obligations and duties that emanate from the contracts entered into with our clients.


Viajes Regios .com by FraVEO is the best digital travel agency in the north of the country, staffed by highly trained professional staff whose priorities meet and / or exceed the travel needs and expectations of our clients, through a digital channel in which They find the best option in packages, advisory costs and travel promotions accessible to each person, thereby creating a unique and unmatched travel experience.  



To be the best most recognized digital travel agency in Nuevo León, for providing its clients with comprehensive and innovative solutions for carrying out their leisure and business trips, developed with great professionalism, operational excellence and technology and continuous innovation.

The Experience makes the Difference our Plus is that

We manage to improve any  budget since  We have direct support from the best operators in the tourism industry in Mexico, with a plus in their itineraries offering better activities and you  we guarantee  an unforgettable vacation.  

We have access to an inventory of more than 250,000 hotels with better prices, 75 airlines with cheap flights, 8 car rental companies, more than 200,000 trips and tours in all cities of the world,     access to the main amusement parks and attractions, cheap tickets to concerts and national and international events such as NFL games, and many more services! We help you know how much it costs to travel to Cancun, how much it costs to travel to Mexican beaches, how much it costs to travel to Central America and how much it costs to travel around the world.

Let us serve you and help you build your vacation to be unforgettable!

We have alliances with the chain  CityExpress  and its affiliated brands such as  CityCentro  Y  City Plus  that allows us to offer you the price in more than 140 hotels throughout Mexico,  


Lowest price guaranteed and personalized advice.

Do your own search, quote and locate offers on plane tickets, cheap car rentals, hotel nights at low prices or on sale, excursions and much more! if you write to us  or write us via whatsapp at 81.1542.1548 we can give you a better price and serve you as you deserve it.

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